Monday, November 18, 2013

Technology Education Mini Course

Technology Education for Understanding:
Desirable Habits and School Policies
"Technology use is a privilege granted to all students at BMS and it is our goal that everyone uses technology safely and correctly to help them achieve greater learning experiences."


You have been directed to this page because you have made a choice that is unacceptable in the school.  During this time you will view the resources provided below and take notice of the behaviors and policies that are required for technology use in Brady Middle School.  After viewing and reading the resources you will respond to the questions that follow.  Adequate responses are necessary in order for you to get your technology-use privileges back or avoid further consequences.

When you are complete with the form please inform (email or talk) the teacher (BMS Tech office) that you are finished with your responses.

1. Netiquette
Watch the video below to learn more about proper internet communication behavior that is considered desirable in Brady

2. Presentation
Hold down the "ctrl" key while clicking on this link Chromebook presentation .  A new tab with the presentation will appear.  Please review the presentation and come back to this site to continue work.  If you need to see the presentation again you can click on the appropriate tab above to view it.

3. Rules, Habits & Procedures
Below are a list of some rules, habits, and procedures that are helpful for you.  Review the guides and take note of the guides that pertain to you in your efforts to show desirable behaviors.

4. Disruptive Use of Technology 
Disruptive use of technology is when a student is using technology in a way that is disruptive to the lesson or instruction of the teacher.  For example a teacher may ask student to review information on a particular website but instead student elect to visit a different site or play games.  In this situation the student's behavior causes a disruption to instruction and learning for them and for other students around them.  

There are reasons why disruptive use of technology is undesirable:

1. It causes student(s) to loose focus and attention from learning and their educational responsibilities.
2. Other student(s) concentration and time with learning gets interrupted.
3. The teacher has to spend time stopping instruction in order to redirect the student back onto task.
4. The disruption can give false impressions of privileges.  Meaning that it can cause another student to think that there are privileges not to do on class work.
5.  Consequences for disruptive use of technology take up your time, the teacher's time, your parent's time, and learning time.
6. Causing a disruption diminishes your ability role model proper behavior in using a digital device.
7.  Your recreational (free) time is used responding to this mini-course while you could be doing  something else.

5. Chromebook Use

1When do we charge our laptops?
Students will charge their laptops in their designated computer cabinets during lunch and at the end of the school day.  Computers are not to be left out unattended during the day and all computers must be plugged in and charged during lunch and at the end of the day.  
Reasoning:  This procedure ensures that the Chromebook will be fully charged and ready to be used each morning when the student retrieves the Chromebook.

2. My laptop doesn't function correctly for class?
If your Chromebook does not function correctly please see an adult immediately for assistance.  If you are not in a classroom or under adult instruction you may take the Chromebook to the Media Center to be checked.
Reasoning:  A fast action on a broken device shows us that you have intentions of bringing the problem/broken status to our attention.  The adult that you are bringing the broken device to can also act as a witness to your cause.

3. I forgot my password?
Classroom teachers are provided passwords for a majority of the tools you use in the classroom.  If classroom teachers can not locate your password try using the "I forgot my Password" link found on most log-in screens.  Never let anyone else have access to your password or account.
Reasoning:  Forgetting passwords is a common thing that happens to many people, adult and kids alike. The important thing is to develop a skill in being able to retrieve or reset your password to reduce the amount of time others have to take in helping you.

4. I see a lost laptop?
If you come across a Chromebook that has been left unattended please notify an adult immediately. That adult will assume control and care of the Chromebook.  Do not take the Chromebook yourself.
Reasoning:  We must avoid having students use or hold other students' computers.  In our policy, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure the proper use of the Chromebook.  If you take someone's computer you assume responsibility for the damage.  Please avoid this situation by informing an adult. Even if a student asks you to get their Chromebook you must decline.  You are not being mean, you are following the rules

5. I have to go do something and I can't bring the Chromebook with me.
Ask a nearby adult to supervise your Chromebook while you attend the other activity or task.  Never leave your Chromebook unattended.
Reasoning:  An unattended laptop is one the top reasons why Chromebooks are showing up as damaged.  Place the laptop in the care of an adult before you leave to do another short task.  We prefer that you take it with you.

6. Chromebooks need to be handled in a secured position while in transit.  A Chromebook should never be handled by the screen.
Reasoning:  Chromebook damage during transit (in hallway, in-between classes) is another top cause of Chromebook damage.  When the screen gets damaged the Chromebook will not be able to get repaired because this is not covered by warranty.  Avoid having your family having to pay fees for damages. Using the simple rule of closing the lid during transit and carrying the Chromebook with two hands will ensure a safe undamaged device.

7. Chromebooks do not go into lockers.  
There is a not a charging system and its against Tech use policy to place them in lockers.  Chromebooks must be stored in the designated room cabinet.
Reasoning:  Chromebooks can get easily damaged in lockers because there is no adequate method of storage.  Not only is the Chromebook more susceptible to damage but it will not charge for constructive use during instruction and learning.

8.  All rules about bullying, ethical online behavior, and Cyber safety apply.  
At no time should you be playing during instruction.  All websites that are inappropriate or questionable for school are off limits and must not be visited.  If you have questions about a topic or resource please see an adult immediately.
Reasoning:  We want to keep school a place where students are safe from behavior and content that is morally and ethically questionable.

9. Chromebook usage history.
Chromebook browsing history, cookies, and cache should never be deleted unless an adult directs you to do so.
Reasoning:  The history and other files collected by your Chromebook is a great evidence to show your technology behavior.  If you have been properly using your device then the history will also show it.  Students who erase the history start making teachers and other supervising adults to question your behavior.

6. Student Response Form 
The response form below is your opportunity to show that you have read the content, identified the undesirable behavior you made, and determined the desirable behavior you want to exercise.  During the time that you are filling out the form you can always reread the information above or review the video.  Please remember that we are looking for improvement in your understanding of using technology appropriately.